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SINCERE JEWELRY specializes in design and manufacturing of  fashion accessories made of iron sheet, acryl and shell, etc. We are mainly designing and producing earrings made of this material. All products are with novel design and very competitive prices. Meanwhile, we can use the same design to make necklace, key ring and phone string tag, etc.


Our earrings made of iron sheet are painted or plated into multiple colors, each piece is decorated with shining diamonds. The earrings made of acryl mainly have three styles. They are STRAIGHT, CURVED & TWIST style, every piece is also delicately decorated with shining diamonds. The acryl earring is also a nice choose for promotion use because we can produce them in shape of a company¡¯s logo.


.Welcome you to order our existing models of earrings. Meanwhile, we are pleased to produce according to customers¡¯ preference of shape, color, etc. You can make modification on our existing designs, or send us fresh new design to produce.


MOQ for each design of earring is 1200 pairs and 6000 pairs total for different models. It's also OK for less order quantity, but prices might be higher accordingly.


Private label on packing is available. MOQ for label and hanging card is 10,000PCs, and MOQ for poly bag with logo is 30,000PCs.


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